The benefit of Your e-Locker


Your e-Locker brings numerous benefits to your organization and helps you and your organization become a big success…


  1. Smart Solution – Not just a cloud space, but other features make it a real deal
  2. Easy Subscription Plans
  3. Safe and Secure Environment
  4. Free Updates and Maintenance
  5. Scalable Solution – Upgrade your package as you need.
  6. Dedicated Notice Module – Now, Keep a track of every communication between you and the government tax department.
  7. Predefined Structure
  8. The expiry date of documents Alert
  9. Unlimited Valuable Documents store on Single Secure Platform
  10. Enhanced, Faster & Flexible Search in Less time
  11. Improved regulatory Compliance
  12. Multi-Users – Invite users to manage your account
  13. Share, Print, Download – Manage documents easily
  14. Favorite – Like music playlist, make a favorite list of your documents. Like Loan Set, KYC