Your e-Locker

Has physical filling of your documents become a big pain? Are you scared about the safety of your company’s sensitive data? Are your media assets unorganized?

If your answer to any of the above is yes then, it’s time you replace the bulky files rack with Your e-Locker. Your e-Locker is an excellent document management software as well cloud storage that helps boost your business efficiency, increase productivity, reduce expenditure, become more organized and brings many benefits to your organization.

Your e-Locker from Webbell Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Your e-Locker is brought to you by Webbell Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Your e-Locker is an easy to use and cost-effective solution for your documents management & Storage needs.

Your e-Locker empowers business organizations to have complete control over their organization’s documents and maintain the safety and integrity of the information.

It is an excellent product incorporating some highly innovative features, such as Predefined Structure, workflow automation, full-text indexing, collaboration features, advanced search features, sharing, versioning, Important deadlines, expiry dates Alert, and much more. With advanced security features that ensure that access to any of your sensitive information is controlled, Your e-Locker is an excellent way to gain centralized document storage for your business.

What does Your e-Locker offer to you?

In simple terms, Your e-Locker is a solution that enables the digital management of documents. It is a framework that makes easy your all documents with Predefined organize structure and store archives. You can track and store all documents in a central location using Your e-Locker on cloud.

You can put all your important documents on Your e-Locker, like KYC, Banking & Financial Papers, Statutory Returns & related Documents, Property & Investment Papers, Health & Insurance Papers with all expiry date reminder, ensuring that everything is under control. Disorganized and unsupervised documentation work can result in business loss and or even hamper the business’s sensitive information.

Your e-Locker – Why it is Unique and Innovative?

Your e-Locker from Webbell Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an advanced tool used by many companies spanning various industry segments, to store and track electronic documents and scanned images of paper documents in well-organized structure.

Webbell’s Your e-Locker is that it comes with a simple interface to manage, capture, serve, and store records and documents.

Your e-Locker sends you realtime alert for expiry of documents and also provide notification reminder.

It has unique feature for uploading documents financial year wise and also has inbuilt pre-defined categories for uploading the documents.

Search of your documents is just one click away. With its smart search feature, you can search any of your uploaded documents with just single click.

Make a list of your favorite Set of Documents, like music playlist.

Another unique aspect of Your e-Locker’s to Submission, manage and track communication with Government Tax Department.

Your e-Locker Document Management Software Features

While there are many document management systems available in the market, one thing that makes Your e-Locker software best among others are its features. Your e-Locker document management software from Webbell Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a unique solution offering a range of wonderful features to the users. Some of the important features in Your e-Locker . Click here to see Features.