“Your e-Locker” by “WEBBELL SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED” is an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 is creating a digitalize platform for all sectors of business in the world.

People using “Your e-Locker” can easily approach their office to build up in a digital & secure document management system.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a very difficult situation for all the business and corporate sectors across the globe. Work from home system has taken a new role model to go through this difficult situation. As people are struggling for finding their filed documents stored at their working place which made people to push forward towards digitalization.

“Your e-Locker” a predefined structure document management system is one stop solutions for above mentioned hurdles and difficulties facing by various types business and corporate sectors all over the globe.

So, what is “Your e-Locker”?

Your e-Locker is an easy to use and cost-effective solution for your documents management & Storage needs. Your e-Locker empowers business organizations to have complete control over their organization’s documents and maintain the safety and integrity of the information with unique features, such as Predefined Structure, workflow automation, full-text indexing, collaboration features, advanced search features, sharing, versioning, important deadlines, expiry dates Alert, and much more that ensure that access to any of your sensitive information is controlled. Your e-Locker is an excellent way to gain centralized document storage for your business.

What’s the Story?

Every startup has a story behind it. So, what made Mr. Saurabh Panchal motivate to develop “Your e-Locker”?  He was a well experienced Tax Consultant (Advocate), in his 12 years career he started to face lots of hurdles and difficulties at time of searching, tracking and filing all types of documents and creating communication gaps with his clients during the time of filing and maintaining different Government Compliances.

After searching different types of DMS to solve all this problems, he didn’t satisfied with any of them to be perfectly suitable as per his needs.  This sparked a thought in him to make unique document management software to defeat all this challenges.

The Journey is never easy

If you assume this journey was easy for Mr. Saurabh, then you need to drop that thought right away. He started “Your e-Locker” with freelance software developer in 2017 and built the entire software module, business logic and test engine. Then gradually developed the software and expanded team to 3 members to carry their operations at fast pace. He tried to bring definitive structure to his dreams.

But every success story has a unexpected twist and “Your e-Locker” also faced the same. The freelance Software developer dropped the project in middle of the software development in 2018 and Saurabh has to drop the software at that moment. But this incident didn’t make Saurabh down and demotivate towards his dream and envisage. He again started the development of the software in 2019 with couple of new members and recruitments in his team, hence he redeveloped the whole software again in a new way in one and half years.

Software “Your e-Locker” was rehabilitate again by “WEBBELL SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED” in  MAY 2020. This was just one single story among the numerous struggles that Saurabh and his team have suffered to accomplish their vision.