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You can register for a free 30 day trial here: https://www.yourelocker.com/register

The e-mail address you use as your user name will be the owner and the (first) administrator of the account. It is recommended to use a generic email address (info@…. , accounting@… etc) for the master account user name, so it will not be tied to a concrete person’s name which might be undesireable if the person leaves the company. The first registered user of your company will also be the user account that handles billing for the subscription.

This is what we recommend:

Register the first user with a generic non-personal email like [email protected] or what ever you prefer. Make sure the email address actually exists and you are able to receive mail on it. This user will be the Master Account of your company and owner of Your e-Locker’s subscription.

After the trial is up, paid plan will not automatically start — unless you have deliberately chosen a paid plan and made the purchase using a credit card or Debit Card. You can upgrade the very same trial account you had to a paid account with no data loss.

After the trial period your data will not be automatically deleted but you are unable to add more data or share the resources with other people. You can manually remove your data by deleting all files and folders and emptying the Recycle Bin.

Your e-Locker is the most user-friendly DMS in the world, while being also one of the most affordable. We don’t charge per user and we have no hidden fees. As the system is web-based, there’s also nothing to install or maintain from our customers’ side. To see the list of standard subscription plans and prices, please head to the Pricing page. For white-label, separate instance installations and custom plans, please Contact us.

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