How Does Document Management Software make Accessing Information So Easy?

How Does Document Management Software make Accessing Information So Easy?


The one need that every organization today has, is to make the search for files and documents a more speedy and efficient process. Instead of wasting precious minutes to find a file, wouldn’t the employees rather start working on the document? Wouldn’t this be an ideal situation that lessens the time and hence boosts productivity? So, what do present-day businesses need to make this dream come true?

A document management software: therein lies the answer!

What makes a document management software the right answer?

The first question that comes to mind is, “What makes a DMS better than my Windows file management system? After all, my system has been working well for decades now! So, why change?” Because, the world is running around you, and your business can’t possibly be expected to crawl! A document management software does such an awesome job of promptly searching files, and the reason for that lies in how it organizes those files in the first place. It has not one, or two, but multiple ways of document organization that far exceed your PC’s file management system.

Here are some of the ways a DMS makes organizing and searching for documents an easy and fun process:

Organizing by Folders:

The trick to finding anything quickly is to first keep it in an organized manner. So, when the DMS systematically organizes documents into various folders and sub-folders, it makes tracing them quickly a piece of cake. The software only has to expand the folder tree to give you the needed file. A decent document management software allows you to import your folder tree from your PC and retain its hierarchy. It means, you can drag and drop entire folders from your laptop or computer, as it is, without the need to rearrange files. The software allows you to arrange folders process-wise, project-wise, department-wise, and so on.

Search becomes Super-easy:

If you have ever used Google or any other search engine, a DMS will only feel like an extension. You will simply be required to type in your search phrase or term and the software will show you a list of files that match your search words. From hereon, you can select and open the document you were looking for!

Adding Efficiency Through Advanced Search:

You can even make use of advanced search to retrieve a document by using several search criteria, such as Added on (Date), Created By, etc.

Smart Search Needs Only Part of The Whole Text:

A DMS generally uses OCR (optical character recognition) to extract text from images. But, it’s not just that. Text is also extracted from other kinds of documents, such as word files. For instance, if you type in a search term that is part of the text contained in a document, the software will show you a list of all the documents that contain this particular text.

Final word

A major advantage of using a DMS is how easy it makes to access information. A document management system provides a central location for all documents, files, weblinks, and so on. Employees can finally bid goodbye to hard drives and USB sticks, and instead, log in to their DMS from any device and any location to access information with incredible ease!

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